sandwoman dreams

there could never be a time 
  i cherish more with you 
than those few drowsy moments 
  that rest between us 
   as we slip into sleep 

  not even the sunrise 
that illuminates the edges of 
   your sleep-tousled hair 
in a brilliant pink halo 
  or the breathtaking dawn 
    of your smile 
 can compare to the 
of day's resistance into night 
  as you rub the stubborn wrinkle 
   right there in my brow 

usually i'm the first to succumb
  as your thumb smooths
    the passage
but tonight, i win,
  as you fight the noble fight
to keep your eyes open
  for just that extra second

so while i stare 
 at the velveteen cocoon 
   of your silhouette 
while you're unaware, 
  burrow my shoulder 
deeper beneath our pillows  
  where you rest your sleepy head,
i swear there 
  will never be another love 
who incites the welcome rage 
    so completely, 
  in the gentle night
as i begin my own
edges blurred in my 
  with the gift 
    of little things, 
      your warmth beside me, 
         and sandwoman 

- jonah s fenn 2023

Published by Jonah Sheridan Fenn

Nerd herder, word wrangler, working on the next chapter...

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