Progress Log: Week 15

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? lbs.

On the tail of the previous craptastic week, I doubled down and had an even worse one.

I didn’t make it into the gym one time this week.

In fact, my physical activity was the least it’s been in months and my whole body felt worse for it.

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What 53 looks like!



It was supposed to be a high rep/low weight week.


So, I had spent all of Saturday and my entire Sunday morning from 6 am until noon working. I’m currently involved in a project at work that fell horribly behind. The entire schedule that I had set up with my testing team fell apart due to the fact that the data wasn’t really ready for testing. We did what we could, but I discovered that I needed a refined, much more complex spreadsheet to capture everything. I also had to transcribe the results that were captured into the new format.

This was not a simple task. There were over 4,000 rows of data that had to be manually adjusted.

I told myself that, whether I was done or not, I would stop at noon, have lunch, and then go to the gym. My body was aching from three days of sitting in an office chair for 10-12 hours at a whack, and not getting any real movement other than an occasional stand up, stretch, and make a coffee or bathroom trip.

So I was eager to get some exercise in and extra enthusiastic about this particular day. My gym is a local chain that, up until this week, consisted of three locations here in the Salem area: South Salem, Keizer, and City Center, which is my home gym. There’s also a big location down in Albany, about 20 minutes away.

Well Physiq opened a shiny new location this past week that I’ve been really eager to experience. It’s twice the size of the City Center location, has 100x better parking, and is the same distance for me.

I was excited as I made my way there and was puzzled at why the parking lot was so dead at 1:00 pm. As I walked up to the door, I saw the sign that it was closed for Easter. A quick check on my app confirmed that the City Center location, which is almost basically a key gym at this point, was also closed.

I was seriously sad about this. I didn’t have much of an option, so I went home and did an hour yoga session to get something in and then went back to work for a couple more hours.


Started work at 5:00 am. Discovered that the integration team decided to switch up the plan midstream with no warning, which resulted in the need for a full reworking of all the work I did over the weekend.

I wasn’t happy about this.

However…I had a treat from my beautiful fiancée at the end of the day.

It’s my birthday week, so Alicia gifted me with an early birthday present. A one-hour massage session with an LMT friend of ours.

My shoulders and back, especially, have been so sore for the past couple of months. Everything was clicking and aching and stiff.

Desiree is a pro with 20 years of experience under her belt. She got in there and broke up all those adhesions and then spent a solid 10 minutes cupping that problematic right side.

I felt so loose and relaxed afterwards, which is something I haven’t felt for ages. It was so needed.


Work got in the way.


Work got in the way.


Work got in the way.


Friday was my birthday. Now, normally Fridays are supposed to be half days for me because I work 9 hours a day from M-Th.

I took the afternoon off.

I didn’t make it into the gym however. For the first day in weeks we had full sunshine, comfortable 60 degree weather, and my lawn was a nightmare. So, while I didn’t make it into the gym, I did spend five solid hours mowing the overgrown, bushy lawn and getting my fingers in the dirt, yanking weeds.

The sun and physical work was much needed. I love doing lawn work. I really do. The smell, the sweat, the sense of achievement all of combines to just make my heart really happy.

Afterwards, I showered up and Alicia treated me to a birthday dinner out. She also made this delicious, surprise four berry cobbler and homemade whipped cream for dessert.

It was a really good day.


Today is going to be a big, awesome post birthday breakfast out with my sweetheart. Afterwards I’m coming home to spend the day in the dirt. All the flower beds need to be weeded, the lawn needs to be edged, and, if I have time, I’m going to remove some sod from a small section on our perimeter and get it ready to be the home for a future azalea.


I didn’t track anything this week, however, I also didn’t really wreak too much havoc with my diet. I went a little overboard with some delicious nachos that Alicia made on Thursday night, and I had my birthday dinner and cobbler, but even my birthday dinner was just 3 crab stuffed mushroom caps, a bit of bread, a garden salad, a 7 oz steak, and a handful of coconut shrimp – and that delicious cobber and whipped cream. I didn’t have much of a lunch and worked my tail off in the afternoon, so I didn’t feel bad about it one bit.

I did stay good with my water intake all week.

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