Progress Log: Week 19

Weekly Weigh-In

243.5 lbs.

I gained back a little over half a pound, but I’m not too concerned about it.

We’ve had some record heat this past week and it probably has to do with all the water I’ve been sucking down.

I’ll be glad when I’m finally acclimated to the heat again.

Jonah progress week 19
It’s officially shorts weather and I’m here for it!



It’s a high rep/low weight kind of week. Getting back on track after a week off!


Sunday was consumed with a drive back from a restful visit with the in-laws in North Bend. This is a three hour drive, and then I had to go pick Jack up from my friend’s house, which was an additional hour round trip for me.

I didn’t get fully settled back home until nearly 3 pm. At that point I had to make a decision…get my Sunday workout in or get my laundry done and the last of my back lawn cleaned up.

The chores won out, but I’m not too disappointed about it.


In for a Chest and Biceps day. It wasn’t one of my best. My shoulders were kind of achy and my stamina just wasn’t there.

I finished the whole workout, however.

I have a feeling that four hours of lawn work might possibly impact my workouts the next day, which leads me down a rabbit hole of functional versus non-functional exercise.

To be honest, my yoga work has taken a hit since spring has sprung. I think I need to start working it back in, at least once a week, to get everything stretched out and also to get some mindfulness in.


Got in a solid Leg and Shoulder day.

So, this session has seen a lot of change since I started at the new gym. There’s a lot of new leg equipment available and most of it has been added. This has bloated my session out to over 2 hours, which would be fine if I weren’t trying to squeeze it into a 2 hour time block during the work day (I also have commute time to consider).

I think I’m going to drop the Leg Press machine totally on this day and replace it with something like high rep bodyweight squats. Perhaps do something like a triple superset with bodyweight squats, single leg extensions, and standing leg curls. This will save me quite a bit of time in set-up.

I’m also very tentatively considering switching out my dumbbell shoulder raises with cables, which should also speed things up a bit.


Got my Big Three in with a Back and Triceps day. Again, I was feeling a little bit puny with my triceps work. I need to remind myself that my high rep days aren’t about heavy lifting. However, if I’m struggling to hit 20 reps on a weight that I’ve hit 20 on before, I question it.

It could, possibly, be a dietary thing. When I work out at 8 am, I’m not nearly as caffeinated as I would be 10:00 am.

It’s something to keep an eye on, at least.


Had a killer circuit training day. I’m liking these more and more every time I do them. It’s even better now that I have a wider range of equipment to use. This new program I’m using has 16 exercises versus the 9 that I did at the old gym. It tacks on about another 45 minutes, but that’s fine. Everything now feels so much more well-rounded.


Today was kind of special. I had to meet my baby sister for lunch for her birthday. I originally intended to keep it short and then drive back up to Salem and then get some yoga in, however it didn’t work out that way.

Little and I had some good quality time that we haven’t had in awhile however, and along with working out our bodies, we need to work out our hearts, minds, and relationships as well.

By the time I got home, my office was way too hot to work out in, so I spent a lazy afternoon with Alicia and just enjoyed being.


I made up for my lack of movement yesterday by putting a full day of yard work in. By the end of the day I was sunburned, sore, and had over 10,000 steps in.


I was in caloric deficit from Sunday through Thursday. I’m not sure where my little weight gain came from. I’m thinking it must be some fluid retention.

I’ve been trying to get more protein in and was pretty successful on a couple of days with 100+ grams on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Tuesday and Thursday had me at 130+. My target really should be around 175 g protein, however that’s a LOT of food. I need to find a way to hit that goal that’s cost effective, doesn’t require hours in the kitchen, and doesn’t leave me feeling stuffed and bloated.

I think that should be my next focus.

I did hit my hydration mark the entire week.

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