Making Change Make Sense

Well good morning and Happy New Year! It’s a fine, foggy winter day here in Salem and a brand new year to jump into! Which brings me to something that I’ve noticed more and more as of late. There seems to be a growing attitude that eschews the practice of New Year’s resolutions. To beContinue reading “Making Change Make Sense”

‘Tis the Season

A few nights ago, I was out taking Jack for his nightly business. I looked across the street and saw that the giant inflatable Santa in my neighbors’ lawn had totally deflated. It laid there, in a rumpled heap on the frosting grass, flat and kind of hopeless. The next evening, my neighbors had reinflatedContinue reading “‘Tis the Season”

Double-Down on Doublespeak

I clearly remember 1984. Not just the book, but the actual year. Yes I’m that old. I was 14 and had already been led into a deep love of fantasy literature by the likes of Robert Jordan, Lloyd Alexander, Ursula K Le Guin, and Anne McCaffrey. I loved science fiction in comic books and tvContinue reading “Double-Down on Doublespeak”

The Trade for Team USA

On December 7th, 2022, WNBA basketball player, Brittney Griner, was finally released from a Russian prison. She was released in a one-to-one trade for Russian arms dealer, Viktor Bout. Immediately, here in the United States, we saw an avalanche of rhetoric spouted on all news and social media outlets regarding the fact that the BidenContinue reading “The Trade for Team USA”

Avoid a Mess in Your KCS

Just-in-Time is a Toyota manufacturing term that has its roots in Henry Ford’s inventory control philosophy. This term has bled over into many other industries, grown beyond just inventory control, and evolved further, in the 90’s, into a cornerstone of LEAN manufacturing. Over the years, I’ve seen this term start to wriggle it’s way intoContinue reading “Avoid a Mess in Your KCS”

The Fine Art of Forgiveness

My daily affirmation popped up and it was all about forgiveness. I honestly had to think on this for a bit. In fact, I still am, even three weeks after this affirmation crossed my screen. This is, in fact, a much bigger thing than it would appear on the surface. I’m going to take aContinue reading “The Fine Art of Forgiveness”