American Strings: An Evening with Ani DiFranco

During the school year, Oregon State University’s College of Liberal Arts does a monthly showcase called American Strings. Hosted by Bob Santelli, OSU director of popular music and performing arts, this series brings musicians from all corners of the country to Corvallis for an in-depth look at the role stringed instruments play in American music.Continue reading “American Strings: An Evening with Ani DiFranco”

There and Now?

Today’s affirmation: Reality exists in the present. Before we get started, let’s do a quick definition: Reality: (re·​al·​i·​ty | \ rē-ˈa-lə-tē) the true situation that exists : the real situation – Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary Now that we’re calibrated, on the surface, this makes total sense. Think on this closely… The Dharma Of It All I need to be very clear,Continue reading “There and Now?”

Pinocchio Joe

So…time for a little background info… I don’t often talk about any “oppression” or “bullying” that’s happened in my life. I’m fairly adaptable, my skin has grown thick over the years, and, quite frankly, I recognize the privilege I have in comparison to a lot of other people who are like me. I try toContinue reading “Pinocchio Joe”

Humerus, Humorous, Humor Us

Irony is one of my favorite literary devices. When used properly, it keeps the reader in suspense, provides a source for absurd humor, and serves as a tool for thought. I’ve noticed, over my many years of being in queer circles, that my type tend to be subjected to ironic situations regularly in our lives.Continue reading “Humerus, Humorous, Humor Us”

Into the Expanse…

Excuse me for a second, but this is new ground here…it’s a little bit breathtaking. Like all breathtaking things, along with being awesome and life-altering, it’s a little bit frightening as well. As I stand here on the edge of tomorrow, I look out into the expanse of the rest of my life. What usedContinue reading “Into the Expanse…”