skyfire celebration – 1995

crested scravel hill as black horizon smudged against the sky charcoal rubbed to soft edges against a deepening cerulean backdrop… the first rose, graceful up above blown-ink treetops fat, effulgent orange chinese lanterns against the eastern mountain skyline cavalcade ensued in bursts of backlit magenta, canary yellow, azure blue flames grumbled in charcoal baskets burstContinue reading “skyfire celebration – 1995”

humanity 1997

sometimes when the beast unwinds and sinks its polished fangs into the twisted veins and capillaries of my mind i find i’m metamorphosized with fuel-injected invective a mass-mediated derelict misdirecting emotions into anti-venin words barely heard by a functionally illiterate flock of fuck-ups uh…hello…can you read me loud and clear…? he’s breaking up he’s breakingContinue reading “humanity 1997”

Double-Down on Doublespeak

I clearly remember 1984. Not just the book, but the actual year. Yes I’m that old. I was 14 and had already been led into a deep love of fantasy literature by the likes of Robert Jordan, Lloyd Alexander, Ursula K Le Guin, and Anne McCaffrey. I loved science fiction in comic books and tvContinue reading “Double-Down on Doublespeak”


beyond the chain-link fence
alternated ornamental evergreens
and fire bushes blaze
a barrier to foreign ground
surround a smooth, black lot
of high-financed cars
in pristine, seasonal shades
made with pride
in germany,
while on this side,
a ‘58 chevy flatbed stands
rusted and forgotten
by all except lilac bushes, bluegrass,
and blackberry strands
snaked through the grill
in a testament to growth.
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