perhaps the skyline sparked my mind more than anything. jagged teeth, brightly pockmarked, with tiny, innumerable cavities, ripped into the night with no mercy. forget the twisted iron veins of Newark railways and the canal arteries clogged by tugboats turning profits, churning tiny whitecaps from their blunted prows. those brilliant parasitic lights will forever biteContinue reading “bite”


locked in a quantum loop, time is relative to the timed, either bursting supernova stardust rain on harried heads or aching radioactive decay meltdown gold to lead iiiiinnnneeeeerttttiiia diverted attention past today’s dangling parchment particles of previous agendas rewound and sent again in polished packages, tomorrow’s present of anticipation bound in recovered, recycled polka-dot paperContinue reading “reincarnation”


we were children of the night searching for the right path down the twilight cooled concrete skin of the city of sin lost amidst, within flocks of fortunetellers, fortune hounds, fortunate we didn’t drown down the sucking asphalt gullies of las vegas boulevard fremont, tropicana damn… we grabbed the future in careless hands reckless, standingContinue reading “adolescence”