humanity 1997

sometimes when the beast unwinds and sinks its polished fangs into the twisted veins and capillaries of my mind i find i’m metamorphosized with fuel-injected invective a mass-mediated derelict misdirecting emotions into anti-venin words barely heard by a functionally illiterate flock of fuck-ups uh…hello…can you read me loud and clear…? he’s breaking up he’s breakingContinue reading “humanity 1997”


beyond the chain-link fence
alternated ornamental evergreens
and fire bushes blaze
a barrier to foreign ground
surround a smooth, black lot
of high-financed cars
in pristine, seasonal shades
made with pride
in germany,
while on this side,
a ‘58 chevy flatbed stands
rusted and forgotten
by all except lilac bushes, bluegrass,
and blackberry strands
snaked through the grill
in a testament to growth.
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