Progress Log: Week 17

Weekly Weigh-In 240.8 lbs. This was a pretty drastic shift. I weighed myself several times to make sure I was getting a good measurement. While I normally wouldn’t encourage dropping five pounds in a week, I’ll take this one. This past week was unseasonably hot, it very well could have been excess water weight thatContinue reading “Progress Log: Week 17”

Progress Log: Week 13

Weekly Weigh-In 244.5 lbs. Yes, you betcha I’m counting that half pound. After the previous week, I’m literally flabbergasted that I lost anything. The swelling in my gut, especially my lower gut, is decreasing. My upper belly is still a bit distended and taut. This is due to the visceral fat stored there. The testosteroneContinue reading “Progress Log: Week 13”

Rantastic Gym Stories: Texty McTexterface

I entered the gym today feeling excited about my workout. It’s the fourth and last gym day of the week, my circuit training day. This is something that I’ve added into my regular weekly routine recently and it’s been a real nice change of pace. The thing about circuit training is that you have toContinue reading “Rantastic Gym Stories: Texty McTexterface”