Wake UP!

There’s a whole lot of social and cultural stuff going on up in these parts. You’re going to discover the following in these hallowed halls:

  • Support of marginalized communities
  • Comparative and critical discussion about faith systems
  • General Oregon culture and specific discussion about Salem

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SJW Central

Maneuvering That Interview

Recently a younger trans brother of mine came to me to dump some pre-interview nerves. He and his wife moved up to the Puget Sound area a few months ago. They had a great opportunity that really benefits them and she finally gets to be closer to her family after many years here in Oregon,…

Hello, Universe!

A Taste of Antiquum

I know the place is right when Michael Kiwanuka’s “Love and Hate” comes on in the background. Sitting here in the Antiquum Farm tasting room, I look through the French doors that open onto the attractive stone patio at the front of the building. My fiancé is out there with two of her favorite ladies,…

That Orygone Life


I’m going to date myself a little here, lol. Way on back, around 1989, I was a college student…first at San Bernardino Community College and then at Linn-Benton Community College, upon moving myself and my two-year-old son back up here to my hometown. I originally started my college career as a Biological Sciences major. I…

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Hey there! I’m Jonah. Welcome to my world.

We can cruise along the surface or we can cave dive via some in-depth soul spelunking.

Either way, it’s cool, there’s something here in this blogsite for everyone.

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