Survival of the Fitness

kettle bells shaped like gorilla faces

Oh man…

Where do we even start here? There’s a lot of stuff to cover.

How about a look into how gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia combine to create a perfect storm of anxiety?

Should we talk about the aging athlete and learning how to navigate with these old bones?

We should probably discuss nutrition a bit – heck maybe even start up a recipe section?

Maybe I might just even use this space to motivate me on my fitness quest – and maybe it might help you too!

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Gettin’ Physical

Progress Log: Week 32

Weekly Weigh-In 246.7 lbs. Honestly, given my dietary lapses this week I’m surprised I only bumped up half a pound. It’s been a busy, busy week workwise with quite a bit of social activity. The combination of these two typically culminates in bad eating decisions for yours truly. This is something I’ve always had a…

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You Are What You Eat

Die Its

The bane of my existence. The pain of my greedy little goblin soul. The diet. I’ve been the survivor of so many Die Its over the course of my life. It’s like every single decade I live brings it’s own form of nutritional masochism. Seriously, check it out… 1970’s The Scarsdale Diet The Grapefruit Diet…

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The Self-Made Man

The Low Down on Top Surgery

One of the biggest milestones in a transman’s life is chest masculinization surgery, also known as “top surgery”. Not all trans guys need this surgery. Some are fortunate enough to be born without the extra flesh up top, but most of us aren’t that lucky. Some trans guys might elect to forego top surgery. This…

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