Progress Log: Week 17

Weekly Weigh-In 240.8 lbs. This was a pretty drastic shift. I weighed myself several times to make sure I was getting a good measurement. While I normally wouldn’t encourage dropping five pounds in a week, I’ll take this one. This past week was unseasonably hot, it very well could have been excess water weight thatContinue reading “Progress Log: Week 17”

Progress Log: Week 13

Weekly Weigh-In 244.5 lbs. Yes, you betcha I’m counting that half pound. After the previous week, I’m literally flabbergasted that I lost anything. The swelling in my gut, especially my lower gut, is decreasing. My upper belly is still a bit distended and taut. This is due to the visceral fat stored there. The testosteroneContinue reading “Progress Log: Week 13”