Progress Log: Week 26

Weekly Weigh-In

242.2 lbs.

Change can take a long time. I have to remind myself to be patient.

I have had times, in the past, where I’ve lost lots of weight in short amounts of time (like 60 lbs in 3 months), but that’s not great for a body, especially as we age. I would lose a lot of muscle and strength as a result.

Slow and steady here is the key. Keep the muscle up and melt the fat off.

Jonah progress photo week 26
Closer and closer.



It’s a low rep/high weight week.


Chest and Biceps – Crushed it. Easily hit a 215 bench on the Smith machine for a single. Pretty sure I can clear 220 on the next go around.

My Smith Incline Press is the real ground gainer for me, however. That left rotator cuff injury haunted me for a very long time, especially in this position. I hit 180 for a single today. It was a rough one, but I did it and am pretty stoked.


Super busy day at work. Got stuck in the screen.


Legs and Shoulders – My leg days are getting pretty awesome. I’m hitting 755 for 4 on my Leg Press. At this rate I’ll be hitting 800 before the year is over. It’s been a very long time since that’s happened.

I’m still feeling my way on the Hack Squat machine at the new gym. It starts off in a very low position and still kind of throws me off every time. I’m slowly working on getting deeper, but am kind of cautious with my knees.

Had a 165 lb Leverage Shoulder Press which delighted me. I actually put up a pair of them and will be bumping up 5 lbs next time around.


Back and Triceps – I’m getting closer and closer to that unassisted chin up. lol

I’m set at a 55 lb assist, which makes it about 190 lbs that I’m pulling up. I did it for 3 reps (the last one was pretty ugly, but I did it).

I completed 4 shaky unassisted dips. I have to remind myself repeatedly that I’m actually pushing up over 240 lbs here. I look forward to the day when these body weight movements don’t feel awkward anymore.

Overall it was a solid day and I got my Big Three in.


Circuit Training – had an AWESOME CT day. Alicia joined me for the first time on weights and we had a lot of fun. I’m really proud of her.

I had 12 PRs here out of 16 exercises. This is actually pretty exceptional and surprised me a bit when I looked back through the day.

My fiancee then introduced me to the joy of Hydro Massage. I’m a premium member at my gym and have this as part of the package but have never used it in the 5 years I’ve been a member.

I’ll be using it a lot more. I felt great afterwards.


Yoga – got in a good 45 minute session before work crushed me for the day.

My Fridays are supposed to be half days. I work 9 hours a day M-Th for this. However, I had a lot of things to tie up before I go on vacation for the week, including getting some folks trained up in what I do. I’m not going to come back to a week’s worth of pile up this time.

Had to go shopping for wedding guest clothes and noticed some interesting things.

I’ve been wearing a 50 R sport jacket for a couple of years now. The last jacket I bought was over a year and a half ago and it was a miserable experience.

I have issues getting off the rack jackets. I have big, beefy shoulders and a broad back. My arms are also a solid 17 inches.

I’m only 5’7″, however.

For things to fit me through the back, shoulders, and arms, I need that 50 R, but I end up swimming around the torso, always…even with the pudge that I’m currently packing around my gut, and the jackets are usually a bit too long in the sleeves and torso. If I try to go with a slim cut, it will usually fit (a little snugly) around the middle but the arms and shoulders make me feel like an overpacked sausage.

I actually found, for the first time, a sport jacket that doesn’t make me look like a washing machine box and is quite comfortable. It could still use a little tailoring through the torso, but overall I don’t hate it.


Today is a busy, exciting day. Once I’m done here, it’s time to shower up and hit the road for Seattle. I’m so excited for our friends’ wedding…these guys are perfect for each other and I love them dearly. I’m also going to be able to see my son and daughter-in-laws home and town for the first time, when we visit Sumner.

The hot tub at our vrbo is kinda cool as well.


Had a pretty decent food week. I was in decent caloric deficit all week long, even on Friday after a Double Quarter Pounder meal at McD’s.

I missed the protein mark on Monday and Friday. My ideal would be 150g, but 120g is acceptable (and more cost effective).

Hit my hydration goals every day except Friday. This is actually the easiest goal to hit, I shouldn’t be missing any of it, but alas sometimes it happens.

DayCaloric Deficit/GainProteinWater
Sunday-878196g72 oz
Monday-84296g72 oz
Tuesday-540156g72 oz
Wednesday-583126g96 oz
Thursday-1455122g80 oz
Friday-71695g48 oz
Saturdaycheat day

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