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Avoid a Mess in Your KCS

Just-in-Time is a Toyota manufacturing term that has its roots in Henry Ford’s inventory control philosophy. This term has bled over into many other industries, grown beyond just inventory control, and evolved further, in the 90’s, into a cornerstone of LEAN manufacturing. Over the years, I’ve seen this term start to wriggle it’s way into the world of technical documentation. It may not always be referred to as JIT. It…

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square vintage pocket watch propped between two blocks of wood

Reinventing Rhythm

I’ve been ruminating quite a bit lately over how I let myself fall out of shape. I had went hard and strong for two years, from 2018 to 2020 and was very close to the top of my game, fitness-wise. I had shaved off over 80 lbs. of grief weight that piled on after I quit smoking and was dragged through the 2017 deaths of my mother, my favorite cousin,…

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The Aging Athlete

As this year is wrapping up and I sit back and reflect on this past 345 days, I land, squarely, on how my health has been and, predictably, where I want it to go in the upcoming year and beyond. Over the course of the past month or so, I’ve shifted my schedule around. I’m now starting work at 6 am, which gives me 2 hours of focused, uninterrupted work…

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