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Rantastic Gym Stories: Texty McTexterface

I entered the gym today feeling excited about my workout. It’s the fourth and last gym day of the week, my circuit training day. This is something that I’ve added into my regular weekly routine recently and it’s been a real nice change of pace. The thing about circuit training is that you have to keep moving. It’s frustrating enough that I can’t really do a true circuit…the interruption by…

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Progress Log: Week 11

Weekly Weigh-In 246 lbs. I’m glad to see that number starting to drop again. That makes 7 pounds in 11 weeks. In my photo over there, I’m actually wearing a smaller pair of sweats than what I’ve been wearing for the past couple of years. Not gonna lie, I’m eager to dig into my smaller clothes. I have a great fit guy wardrobe. I’m almost to the point where I…

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A Taste of Antiquum

I know the place is right when Michael Kiwanuka’s “Love and Hate” comes on in the background. Sitting here in the Antiquum Farm tasting room, I look through the French doors that open onto the attractive stone patio at the front of the building. My fiancé is out there with two of her favorite ladies, touring the outside space and getting a lay of the land for our wedding. Peals…

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