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close up of weight lifter trophy tops

The Aging Athlete

As this year is wrapping up and I sit back and reflect on this past 345 days, I land, squarely, on how my health has been and, predictably, where I want it to go in the upcoming year and beyond. Over the course of the past month or so, I’ve shifted my schedule around. I’m now starting work at 6 am, which gives me 2 hours of focused, uninterrupted work…

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Forgive them affirmation

The Fine Art of Forgiveness

My daily affirmation popped up and it was all about forgiveness. I honestly had to think on this for a bit. In fact, I still am, even three weeks after this affirmation crossed my screen. This is, in fact, a much bigger thing than it would appear on the surface. I’m going to take a look at this from several different religious/philosophical viewpoints, but what I would like to focus…

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American Strings an Evening with Ani Difranco

American Strings: An Evening with Ani DiFranco

During the school year, Oregon State University’s College of Liberal Arts does a monthly showcase called American Strings. Hosted by Bob Santelli, OSU director of popular music and performing arts, this series brings musicians from all corners of the country to Corvallis for an in-depth look at the role stringed instruments play in American music. Prior to Covid, these musicians would come, in person. Today during the era of the…

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