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Progress Log: Week 32

Weekly Weigh-In 246.7 lbs. Honestly, given my dietary lapses this week I’m surprised I only bumped up half a pound. It’s been a busy, busy week workwise with quite a bit of social activity. The combination of these two typically culminates in bad eating decisions for yours truly. This is something I’ve always had a problem with and need to find a workable strategy for. Details Mode It’s a high…

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Progress Log: Week 31

Weekly Weigh-In 246.1 lbs. This week started out challenging, but I course corrected and ended up on a good note. There’s been major upheaval at work. Things have been kind of stressful for me there for the past three years, to be honest. Three years ago I was reorganized out of my original department. I was moved into a newly formed directorate with a group of awesome people, but leadership…

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Progress Log: Week 30

Weekly Weigh-In 246.5 lbs. I never intended to take a month off from posting, but that’s how it happened. Between a vacation week filled with a trip to Washington for the best wedding I’ve ever attended and a week of solid lawn work, topped off with a memorial service, followed by a week of catching up at work, and then a couple of weeks of life just being busy, I…

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