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For so many of us, work is such an integral part of our lives. Sometimes, it can step in and actually take up too much space, so let’s set some boundaries here:

  • Relevant, anecdotal stories
  • Ideas that inspire
  • Ways to make things better
Jonah and coworkers, masked for covid, on 4th floor of LiNC building at OSU campus

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Back In the Day

Maneuvering That Interview

Recently a younger trans brother of mine came to me to dump some pre-interview nerves. He and his wife moved up to the Puget Sound area a few months ago. They had a great opportunity that really benefits them and she finally gets to be closer to her family after many years here in Oregon,…

Room for Improvement

Avoid a Mess in Your KCS

Just-in-Time is a Toyota manufacturing term that has its roots in Henry Ford’s inventory control philosophy. This term has bled over into many other industries, grown beyond just inventory control, and evolved further, in the 90’s, into a cornerstone of LEAN manufacturing. Over the years, I’ve seen this term start to wriggle it’s way into…

Oregon State University Valley Library Quad at sunrise

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