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mural of Charlie Chaplin, Theda Bara, and WC Fields on the outer wall of the Elsinore Theatre in Salem, OR

Oh, my heart…

I love me some art. Music is life. Words really do have power.

This is my favorite little part of this blog. You’ll see a lot of my original work and that of many of my friends, as well.

It’s not commonly known, right now, but Salem, OR has a very vibrant art and music scene that I plan on sharing with you all.

Let Me Draw You a Picture

Writers on the Storm

tribute to ginsberg

i read three days too late buried in a back page of the statesman-journal that ginsberg passed away. o obscurity o duplicity you once packed concert halls and universities with beatnik eccentricities wrapped up smack-dab in the center of controversy the midst of which is a frenetic collage of hybrid ethnicity o queerboy sad a quaalude gag couldn’t stifle the noise that gurgled out in screaming carbonation and became the fad music of a generation and a generation past. foolish children now blindly dance on your tombstone hurky-jerky heroin hopsteps to soul-stoned music dear sir you are hydrogen gas, a…

Theatrickal Audiophilanthropy

American Strings: An Evening with Ani DiFranco

During the school year, Oregon State University’s College of Liberal Arts does a monthly showcase called American Strings. Hosted by Bob Santelli, OSU director of popular music and performing arts, this series brings musicians from all corners of the country to Corvallis for an in-depth look at the role stringed instruments play in American music. Prior to Covid, these musicians would come, in person. Today during the era of the plague, we get Zoom meetings…which actually do really have some benefits (like…I don’t have to trek down to Corvallis to take part). Each event includes both a conversation and live…

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Hey there! I’m Jonah. Welcome to my world.

We can cruise along the surface or we can cave dive via some in-depth soul spelunking.

Either way, it’s cool, there’s something here in this blogsite for everyone.

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