Progress Log: Week 32

Weekly Weigh-In

246.7 lbs.

Honestly, given my dietary lapses this week I’m surprised I only bumped up half a pound.

It’s been a busy, busy week workwise with quite a bit of social activity. The combination of these two typically culminates in bad eating decisions for yours truly.

This is something I’ve always had a problem with and need to find a workable strategy for.

Jonah progress week 32
42 days to go! Time to kick it into overdrive!



It’s a high rep/low weight week.


Chest and Biceps – had an outstanding session. I saw a total of 6 PRs out of 12 exercises. Three of these PRs are related to new forearm exercises I’ve added in. I fully leveled up in three exercises: Flat Dumbbell Flyes (55×8, 45×13, 35×18), One-Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curls (35×7, 30×12, 25×17), and Weight Plate Machine Decline Presses (185×10, 165×13, 145×16).

It was an equal parts strength and endurance day. I was super satisfied.


Legs and Shoulders – I had a solid showing. PRs in 2/14 exercises: Narrow Leg Press (performed kind of like a Sissy Squat 200×10, 180×15, 160×20), Standing Leg Curl (75×9, 60×14, 45×19).

I wound up with some soreness in my left shoulder, the one that had the small rotator cuff tear a couple of years ago. It’s getting to the point where the weight I use for my isolation movements is pretty heavy (like 55 lbs for Internal and Exteral Cable Rotations, which is basically a therapy exercise). My dumbbell work, Front/Lateral/Rear is also creeping up there (30×10, 25×15, 20×20 for all three). Somewhere in there, most likely the Front or Lateral Raises, I went too high and impinged something.


Yep the shoulder is definitely impinged. Took the day off from the gym, had a good yoga session and focused on gently stretching it out.

This will likely require some strategization for my future workouts.


Back and Triceps – had a good showing today, all things considered. I actually saw 4/11 PRs, all while nursing a bum shoulder.

I leveled up on the Low Back Machine (245×10, 225×15, 205×20), Cable One-Arm Tricep Extensions (50×9, 40×14, 30×19), Cable Straight Arm Pushdowns (120×8, 110×13, 110×18). Funny enough, the big one for me is actually Back Hyperextensions (45×10, 25×15, 10×20). A year ago, simple bodyweight Back Hypers were impossible for me due to the condition my legs were in. The strain on the backs of my knees was unbearable

Impingements are weird things. I have full strength for pressing when my arms are perpendicular to my chest. The range of motion that’s affected here is when I bend my left arm, like a chicken wing, and try to raise my elbow. It makes things like putting on deodorant, washing my hair, or doing any kind of exercise that involves pressing anything over my head impossible.

I got the Big Three in, however, and I’m proud of that.

Traveled to Corvallis in the late afternoon for my former boss’s going away party. It was good seeing everyone face-to-face.


Circuit Training – I had a great, early morning workout. I leveled up in 8 exercises, which was fantastic. The shoulder kept me from doing the Ab Machine and Pec Deck however.


I took the day off from all focused exercise.

Worked until noon, then spent the afternoon in the pool with Alicia. The water was great and therapeutic for both my shoulder and my soul.

We then went out to a bar in the evening for a friend’s 60th birthday and had a lot of fun catching up with everyone.


Heading down to Albany for a famly reunion today. This will pretty much be my fourth cheat day of the week. (Yikes)


I started out good…even on Wednesday, with my trip to Corvallis and the delicious burger and Obsidian Stout, I was still in a deficit. Thursday was a slight overage and I had a great protein day that day.

Friday, however, was pure trash across the board, including hydration. With the exception of my designated cheat day, if I’m going to blow out my diet, I should really get some kind of movement in there to balance it out.

And I should always hit at least 72 oz of water a day. This is an easy one. I can do better than this.

DayCaloric Deficit/GainProteinWater
Saturdaycheat day

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