On the Practice of Making Mistakes

I’m a fan of making mistakes, in many scenarios.

I encourage my students to be bold and adventurous in their learning. This means mistakes will be made.

Where possible we need to create comfortable zones where a fearlessness in learning can be achieved by allowing mistakes and encouraging people to re-envision, rebuild, and refine.

We don’t always, automatically, get those comfortable spaces in life. No bumper rails to prevent us from rolling on into the gutter. We need to learn to create those spaces inside of ourselves and provide them for the people that we love.

So much anxiety, guilt, and shame surrounds mistake making. This makes us reluctant, which ultimately stunts us.

Man, I make a lot of mistakes, all the time. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve ever learned was the fact that, often times, you can’t save your ass and your face at the same time.

Humor. Humility. Grace. Forgiveness. We learn all of these things through mistakes.

Be fearless.

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