The Infernal Optimist

What are you focusing on today?

Where is your vision?

Are you looking at what can be? Or are you stuck staring at what is?

I was blessed with a mom who always saw the best in everything and a dad who refused to roll over when shit got real.

As a result, I am one of those annoying assholes who will generally look at your bummer situation and try to find a ray of hope.

For the record, I have been regularly teased in my life for trying to maintain a positive outlook on things…

Mr. Bright Side
Mr. Glass Half-Full
Mr. Silver Fucking Lining

Let’s be clear, though…

This doesn’t mean I’m being reductive, or failing to see the gravity of your situation. On the contrary, it means I see it vividly and I’m gonna try to help you find a way past it.

This is done by shining a light on things, not by cloaking them with, what is ultimately, a dismissive, conciliatory pat on the back, and then a quick move to another, more comfortable subject.

No sweetheart, I’m not gonna pat your back sorrowfully and whine with you about how unfair life is. I’m gonna grab you by the hand, help you haul your reluctant ass back up, and cheer you on to the finish line.

We’re gonna kiss it better then rub a little dirt in it because you are as powerful as you allow yourself to be.

Notice I said “allow”. You already have it in you. Find it and uncork it.

Perspective, coupled with action, is what makes the difference between people who achieve success in the face of adversity versus those who do not.

Make things happen for you instead of letting them happen to you.

*Originally posted in Facebook on Nov. 10th, 2019.

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