Time Enough…

Man…figuring out humans is probably the hardest thing to do, ever.

Especially this love business.

One of the most difficult things I’ve encountered, to date, is when inaction is the best course of action.

I’ve always been a jump in the middle of the fray, slug it out, then sort it out kind of guy. Give me a fight, give me a cause, give me a problem I can can cut loose on and smash or solve. I’m pretty energetic…let’s put this shit to good use.

However…what if the only true course of action…is inaction?

What if proving your love means sitting back and letting your person struggle and grow from that struggle? What if it means…waiting (…fuck…)

What if it means…listening…which is logically preceded by shutting up…and waiting? (…shit…)

Be ready to be humbled by disappointment, when you toss that line out there, waiting for a tug from the other end. Be ready to understand that, most of the time, things aren’t gonna happen on your own timeline. Love is rarely convenient. It’s usually messy and fraught with unexpected twists and turns…and sometimes you just can’t punch your way through.

Be ready to learn the meaning of the word “grace”, and how to apply it when they don’t grab that line the first, the fifth, or the hundredth time.

Man that’s hard. Patience and humility are the hardest. Inaction is nerve-wracking. Empathy…feeling that horrible feeling in your gut when your person is flailing…and not being able to do anything about it?

The worst. Definitely.

Love isn’t easy. People are ridiculous. But if your person is worth a fight, they’re also worth a wait.

*Originally posted on Facebook, July 13th, 2019

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