A Matter of Trust

When I first read this little affirmation up there, the connotation that I got from it was “trust in [yourself, your gut, God, the Universe, etc.]”

Go ahead and fill in the blanks there as you wish.

I have a hard time just flinging trust around like confetti. In fact, I honestly feel as if folks misuse the word “trust” when they really mean “faith”, and vice versa.

The two words are not synonymous.

They do not mean the same thing at all.

Trust is evidence based. The sun comes up every morning. I’ve experienced the sun coming up every morning for 18,806 days. It hasn’t failed me yet. I trust it will also rise tomorrow, and the day after.

Faith, however, requires no real evidence. It’s something more. It’s belief. It’s gut-inspired.

I’m not great with faith. I like to see things in front of me…to have tangible, physical, observable things.

So I initially scoff at a statement like this.

Until I catch myself.

Until I remember that stranger behind me at the checkout stand as I’m short $30 for my kid’s school supplies…I had lost my job and, at the same time, had voluntarily took in three little cousins to foster them. I was on edge and ready to snap and this lady just kind of swooped in and took care of it.

Then I remember, as my wife and I were in the thick of our toxicity and had violently split. Nobody else was in my house at the time, and I’m breaking down hard, curled up in the fetal position on the couch sobbing, feeling more alone than I ever had in my life, and kind of wanting to die…and I feel a hand on my shoulder. My oldest son had returned home unexpectedly and was there to catch me as I was falling…to remind me that I really wasn’t alone.

And what about every single string of fortunate events, many of which rose out of some unfortunate events, to land me here where I am right now? Here, on my feet, breathing, existing, and living a life that would be considered charmed by a lot of people?

What about all those hands that unexpectedly reached out over the years and kept me from falling off the edge?

When I look at it this way, I can see that the Universe has consistently provided me with opportunities, privileges, and events for my entire life.

And my foundation for trust becomes much more concrete.

Happy Saturday. ❤️

*originally posted on Facebook on 10/09/2021

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