Progress Log: Week 02

Weekly Weigh-In

252 lbs (😱)

Okay okay so the Covid 20 actually turned into the Covid 50. Yikes!

Seriously, tho, I don’t want to get hung up on weight. Not only can it be deceiving but it can also start becoming an obsessive thing.

I will do a weekly weigh-in, however, at the beginning of my workout week, just to track it as a metric.

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Progress Week 2: Truckin’ right along

I could pretty much see the writing on this wall for this past week, just by looking at my calendar. I had really good workouts on Sunday and Monday. Tuesday hit and I started feeling exhausted. I believe it was a combination of a bug that the teenager brought home combined with some heavy anxiety regarding a face-to-face meeting with my Vice Provost. For those of you who aren’t familiar with university hierarchy, she’s my boss’s, boss’s, boss’s boss.

Yikes. Yes, I lost a little bit of sleep over it starting Monday night. Tuesday found me wide-eyed at two a.m., unable to get more than four hours of sleep. I was sputtering out of gas before noon.

Don’t get me wrong, she’s a lovely human and a great leader, but I’ve been in a real limbo state at work since my reorganization 18 months ago and I had no idea where this meeting was going to take us. Originally, she wanted to know more about my general work experience and views on organizational change management.

As it turned out, my big 30-minute meeting on Wednesday resulted in a 50-minute conversation about my history in manufacturing, my feelings about where we’re at right now with our systems at the university, and her simple question of “What do you want to see here at OSU?”

My reply was “To get a big, solid win before I retire.”

She leaned forward across the table and looked me directly in the eye “What do you want a win in?”

“I want our systems to be complete and closed loop. I want things to run smoothly. I want folks to find value in what we do and maybe even appreciate it a little.”

She then informed me that she wants me to apply for an upcoming position that is, in all ways, a career game changer for me.

It was a rather thrilling surprise that left me in a whole different state of anxiety regarding the dusting off and rewriting my 15-year-old resume and getting all my references in order.

Mind you, I’m a professional technical writer. Putting together resumes is kind of a technical writing 101 thing. I do them for others in my sleep, basically. This one is different, however. I have pored over mine for three solid days now, rewrote and edited the revisions further, had meetings with strategic folks regarding letters of reference, and began work on a very big project that drastically affect the information technology of our university.

That brings us to yesterday, which was supposed to be my first day off of the weekend. The morning involved a really fun trip to Antiquum Farm, about an hour south of us, which is where my fiancé and I will be holding our wedding. This was immediately followed by a 45 minute trip, with my lady in tow, over to campus where I participated in an Assistant Director hiring interview for the department that I currently work in.

By the time we got home last night, I was completely out of gas, but discovered about two hours of surprise work that really couldn’t be put off until Monday. There went my window of opportunity for the gym. I was so beat by the end of it all that we even begged out of a really fun karaoke party for the shared birthdays of a couple of our friends. I just didn’t have anymore to give.

Sometimes, for the big things like family and career, we just need to let life take over and be present in the moment. This is what enriches the soul and, potentially, the pockets. The health of both of these things are equally as important as our physical health.

With that being said, tho, today is a day to pull together the stray threads of this past week and then relax a bit. Tomorrow will be the start of a whole new opportunity to get on it in the gym and I’m really ready to get it done.

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