skyfire celebration – 1995

crested scravel hill 
as black horizon smudged 
against the sky 

  charcoal rubbed to 
  soft edges against 
  a deepening cerulean 

the first rose, graceful 
up above blown-ink treetops 
fat, effulgent orange 

  chinese lanterns against 
  the eastern mountain skyline 

cavalcade ensued 
in bursts of backlit magenta, 
canary yellow, azure blue 

  flames grumbled in 
  charcoal baskets 
  burst up, died down 

as the group flew upwards 
  to hang... 

  fireblossoms chained 
  across an endless field 
  of summer stars. 

-- j sheridan fenn 1995

Published by Jonah Sheridan Fenn

Nerd herder, word wrangler, working on the next chapter...

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