Maneuvering That Interview

Recently a younger trans brother of mine came to me to dump some pre-interview nerves. He and his wife moved up to the Puget Sound area a few months ago. They had a great opportunity that really benefits them and she finally gets to be closer to her family after many years here in Oregon,Continue reading “Maneuvering That Interview”

The Trade for Team USA

On December 7th, 2022, WNBA basketball player, Brittney Griner, was finally released from a Russian prison. She was released in a one-to-one trade for Russian arms dealer, Viktor Bout. Immediately, here in the United States, we saw an avalanche of rhetoric spouted on all news and social media outlets regarding the fact that the BidenContinue reading “The Trade for Team USA”

Pinocchio Joe

So…time for a little background info… I don’t often talk about any “oppression” or “bullying” that’s happened in my life. I’m fairly adaptable, my skin has grown thick over the years, and, quite frankly, I recognize the privilege I have in comparison to a lot of other people who are like me. I try toContinue reading “Pinocchio Joe”

Humerus, Humorous, Humor Us

Irony is one of my favorite literary devices. When used properly, it keeps the reader in suspense, provides a source for absurd humor, and serves as a tool for thought. I’ve noticed, over my many years of being in queer circles, that my type tend to be subjected to ironic situations regularly in our lives.Continue reading “Humerus, Humorous, Humor Us”

Trans Day of Visibility, 2021

On this Trans Day of Visibility, let’s take a second to reflect on a few things. Some folks will always be visible. Some will be visible because they choose to be vocal and possibly political about their situation. Some people will be visible due to circumstances they can’t control. All of this is perfectly appropriate.Continue reading “Trans Day of Visibility, 2021”

The Transgender Athlete

It seems to be a hot-button topic right now, at least on the Book of Face. Hot on the heels of President Biden expressing his support of the transgender community both politically and legally we suddenly start seeing the big questions of “Exactly how much human dignity and respect do we really have to giveContinue reading “The Transgender Athlete”

The Fragile White Liberal

Interesting story here…at least to me. Hopefully it is for you, as well. I should probably start by saying that there are few musical artists that have had a bigger impact on me than ani difranco. From the start, I was captivated by her kind of strange and funky, modern folksy, punk rock original sound.Continue reading “The Fragile White Liberal”