Trans Day of Visibility, 2021

On this Trans Day of Visibility, let’s take a second to reflect on a few things.

Some folks will always be visible. Some will be visible because they choose to be vocal and possibly political about their situation. Some people will be visible due to circumstances they can’t control. All of this is perfectly appropriate.

Some folks prefer to “go stealth”. This means they can move through society without raising questions in regards to their physical self. This is also perfectly appropriate.

Ultimately, we’re all just trying to get through this world as safely as possible. Hopefully we can wring a little joy out of the fabric of life in the process.

That’s not asking for much.

Let’s make it real clear, tho, on this day that we have a pulpit…

As of today, March 31, 2021, there have already been at least 12 fatal incidents of violence against trans people due to them being trans. We’re on track to match or exceed the 44 hate crime deaths that occurred against us in 2020, which was a record year.

As of today, there have been 82 anti-transgender bills in various 2021 state legislative sessions. These bills range from disallowing trans kids to participate in school sports as their true gender to laws that allow healthcare providers the right to refuse healthcare services based on their religious views, as was recently passed in Arkansas.

This is what happens when trans folk are visible.

As these bills are introduced, and some of them are passed, we’re probably going to see that first set of numbers, the annual death toll of trans people here in the U.S., dramatically rise because of the state sanctioned hate that is occurring.

This is what happens when trans folk are visible and start demanding to be treated as the humans we are.

Our legal system is coiling a rope around the necks of a select subset of its population…similar to the way the Nazis did to their Jewish, Romani, gay, and disabled citizens.

Where will you be standing during this time?

Will you be one of those people who stands with me as an ally and protector? Or will you be standing on the other side saying “Well y’know I love ya Jonah, but the Republicans aren’t really *that* bad…”

Despite the obvious.

With 82 bills in active legislation that hate is very visible, and sanctioned.

Sorry friend, but it *really* is that bad.

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