Progress Log: Week 18

Weekly Weigh-In

242.9 lbs.

As I expected, I gained a bit back from the unexpectedly large weight drop I saw last week.

I’m back at a number that seems more correct.

My best guess is that I had spent a lot of time out in the sun and may have been a bit dehydrated when I weighed myself that day.

Jonah progress photo week 18
Haircut acquired! Feeling healed up, energized, and ready to go.



It’s a no reps/no weight kind of week. I simply have too much going on between work and a weekend getaway. I’ve resigned myself to it.


I wasn’t certain how long the nice weather would hold up, and I have a long week of work ahead of me and then a weekend away to North Bend to visit the family.

So I sacrificed the one gym day I would have this week to plow through the mess that is my back yard.

I did, however, get over 10,000 steps in, so there was quite a bit of activity.


Work takes over.


Work takes over.


Work takes over.


Work takes over.


Work took over until 11:30 am, then it was a mad rush to get packed, get Jack over to my friend, Stephen’s, house for a weekend of dog sitting and then a three hour drive to North Bend to visit Alicia’s parents.


As always, it was a pleasant day at Pop and Beth’s place. We did a lot of relaxing but took off for a trip to the beach. We started with a little walk on the beach at Sunset Bay then traveled up to Cape Arago to see if we could spot some whales.


I did a terrible job of tracking anything. I scarfed down a delicious meatball sub on Thursday night…that was the worst of it. Fortunately meals with the in-laws are almost always home cooked and healthy. The worst culprit was the homemade apricot clafloutis dessert. This was my first time eating this delicious dessert that is kind of a combination of flan, pancake, souffle, and custard all together. Judging by the amount of butter used to grease the cast iron skillet, this delicious treat probably packs a ton of calories. The homemade whipped cream didn’t help.

However it was delicious and the apricot halves took up a lot of space on my slice, so that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Looking forward to a more productive week next week.

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