beyond the chain-link fence
alternated ornamental evergreens
and fire bushes blaze
a barrier to foreign ground
surround a smooth, black lot
of high-financed cars
in pristine, seasonal shades
made with pride
in germany,
while on this side,
a ‘58 chevy flatbed stands
rusted and forgotten
by all except lilac bushes, bluegrass,
and blackberry strands
snaked through the grill
in a testament to growth.
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On the Practice of Making Mistakes

I’m a fan of making mistakes, in many scenarios. I encourage my students to be bold and adventurous in their learning. This means mistakes will be made. Where possible we need to create comfortable zones where a fearlessness in learning can be achieved by allowing mistakes and encouraging people to re-envision, rebuild, and refine. WeContinue reading “On the Practice of Making Mistakes”

It is My Privilege…

There’s often a lot of confusion surrounding the term “white privilege”. Much of this confusion comes from hard working white folks who feel slighted at the suggestion that anything other than hard work was a reason for their success in life. So I’m going to take a second and give an example, using my ownContinue reading “It is My Privilege…”

White is not a Culture

I have seen, countless times, people ask why is it okay to say “black power” but not “white power”. Let’s break this down. Over 400 years ago, the North Atlantic slave trade brought lots of people over here to the new world (remember this is pre United States). Over the course of a couple ofContinue reading “White is not a Culture”

Idealism at End

I remember grade school, in a little country school here in this humble, blue-collar river town. Knox Butte Elementary school had less than eighty students. It was so small that some of our grades were combined – second and third grade shared a classroom as did fifth and sixth grade. Aside from the typical dramasContinue reading “Idealism at End”

Black Lives Matter

Note: This list will continue to be updated as time and information allows. 2020  May George Floyd 46, May 25th [One officer charged with second-degree murder and manslaughter, three others will face charges of aiding and abetting murder – it took several days of WORLDWIDE protest to get charges filed] Killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota, duringContinue reading “Black Lives Matter”

The Fallacy of “Colorblindness”

One of my pet peeves is the very white-culture concept of “colorblindness”. What irritates me even more is when white folks get bent out of shape when the topic, and it’s harmfulness, are brought up. So, today we’re going to talk about “colorblindness”, what this means, and how its perceived by the people we’re supposedContinue reading “The Fallacy of “Colorblindness””

The Fragile White Liberal

Interesting story here…at least to me. Hopefully it is for you, as well. I should probably start by saying that there are few musical artists that have had a bigger impact on me than ani difranco. From the start, I was captivated by her kind of strange and funky, modern folksy, punk rock original sound.Continue reading “The Fragile White Liberal”